I Don’t Know, I Feel Like Pigeons Are Survivors, Man

I am by no means a taste-maker.

People don’t ask me what I’m into and that’s fine. To be frank, I am not crazy about saying more than a paragraph to most people. Some find this standoffish and insincere but those who truly know me know that’s how I am. There’s no ill will, I’m just wired for one-liners (write that down)

There are some things that have caught my eye lately from all different aspects and I bought this domain through wordpress so I may as well use these as some sort of place to jot a few of these thoughts down.

I am going to try to throw some up here at least once a week. But sometimes I get busy, dogg. Which brings me to the first thing.

Personal: I’ve been using the word “dogg” lately
I don’t hate this, but I also don’t like it. I’ve surveyed few on it, they’ve noticed the word use but haven’t thrown stones at me about it yet.

TV: Episodes is something
I drunkenly stumbled upon a subscription to showtimes on demand service and on an admiral nelson induced whim, I decided to check out a few episodes of Episodes.
For the uninformed, Episodes is a show on Showtime that features a married couple of sitcom writers that are selected by a Hollywood studio to take their successful UK show to the US. After a comedy of errors, the network asks them to cast Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends he plays himself) to star in their show. It’s really great and even though I have no actual experience, it’s exactly what I would imagine Hollywood is like.

Music: Fireworks – Oh, Common Life
I SLEPT ON THIS RECORD WHEN IT CAME OUT. You can’t come out with something that sounds like this in summer. This album is perfect for the end of the year. It’s that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that you probably didn’t do enough with the past year. These songs pack a huge punch that you feel blindsided by. None of that is a bad thing, it’s a good thing. We all have those records in our collection that we go back and revisit even when you’re in a good spot and it just consumes you. It’s strangely therapeutic.

Random: NJPW – Wrestlekingdom 9
Holy shit. If you haven’t tuned out yet, this is where you probably will, but last night a few friends and I went to another friends house (Garage Mahal) and watched this Japanese Wrestling Pay Per View event. I’ve spent a lot of my life being a fan of the WWE and if I can be honest for a minute, there’s definitely an episode of Monday Night Raw running on my television as I type this. But it’s so weird to see a product that feels so much more polished in ring. It’s like eating McDonalds Cheeseburgers your entire life and then having a nice steak one night. Once you taste blood, wine is too thin. Tremendous performances and I hope that there will be some shows like this stateside in the future.


So these are some things I’ve been into the past week or so, let’s see if I keep this up. It could be a fun little project we’ll see where it goes.


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