Business Scissors to Open Snacks

I like to think that I don’t fall victim to marketing. I don’t see a commercial for a pizza and then drop everything I’m doing to order a pie. Or I want see a trailer for a movie and then plan my weekend around the date at the end of it. This isn’t to say that I’m not a weak willed person, because holy shit. I am. But I don’t see an ad for something or hear some killer word of mouth and then instantly jump on the “take my money” bandwagon.

That being said. God dammit. I think I want an Apple Watch. It’s an internal debate. On one hand, nothing has made me feel like we’re in the future more than the prospect of having notifications and all sorts of sweet trackers on your watch. On the other, I get away with a lot by claiming I haven’t checked my phone. If I’m getting notifications on my wrist directly, then I have no excuse to say “oh, I must have missed that.” Yeah yeah, I’ve read the reviews and I know the battery life is supposed to last a day and the processor isn’t that fast and that I should surely wait for a second generation that should be coming sooner than I think. BUT THE ALL CAPS IN ME SAYS HAND IT OVER.

There’s an ALL CAPS side in all of us. Some of us do a great job of hiding it. But if you suppress it too much you turn into a bad person. But what do I know?


Went on my trips. Both were super relaxing. I don’t really have that urge to go somewhere with the idea of needing to see everything. Google image search has made it super easy for me to see whatever I want. I don’t need to look off a cliff at an ocean that someone has as a desktop background. I go on vacation to get away from work. Drinks some beers with some good brothers and be genuinely surprised that strangers don’t find me nearly as endearing as they should.

Hawaii was great. The brewfest always seems to be the star of the show. It was March and the first beer I sought out was called Bad Santa because it had the highest alcohol volume. Happy Hours in Kona rule and I was able to do a lot of drinking on the cheap. Maybe I can renew this domain now.

Spring Training will echo that Happy Hour sentiment. We also took some serious advantage of Lyft promotional codes and did not have to pay a ton for our cab rides. We also have a fairly solidified plan for next year and may or may not have already made hotel reservations. 



A lot of cool hip hop records have come out in the last month or so. Everyone has a hot take about the Kendrick Lamar record. I don’t mostly because every Kendrick Lamar album I’ve ever heard doesn’t make sense to me until about six months after it comes out. So I am going to go with Wale’s Album About Nothing. Bringing in Seinfeld for it obviously doesn’t hurt. But it’s not too long. The tracks are solid. It doesn’t feel dominated with Seinfeld clips and it’s been all around enjoyable.

TV: Better Call Saul

I’m not caught up all the way with this yet. But I’m very impressed with the entire show. I think a lot of people were not exactly sold on a spin off thinking it would either have too much or not enough fan service in it. I feel they have found a great balance and have really developed all of the characters in great ways. It’s really easy to get caught up in hype and forget the fact that these guys behind Breaking Bad really know how to make great TV shows.

That might be it for tonight. I have to hit the gym tomorrow. I want to update this more often. But we’ll see what happens.

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